Who’s Wuckett?

Wuckett is not really a duck, it’s a long, long story. We’re trying to limit everything here to 500 words (NOT Welsh or Gaelic words that are as long as a city block in Schenectady.)

Wuckett is an aging writer who thinks that he has stories to tell about many things. Most of which he can’t remember when goes BICHOK*. Before you try to offer Wuckett a job, or run a credit check on him, our Official Disclaimer will tell you that Wuckett is not a real person either.

He is a pseudonym, but just doesn’t know it yet. Every morning when Wuckett gets out of bed he thinks he is a real person.

If you’re wondering if Wuckett has any other names, or if he thinks he can be one of those ONGs* like Sting or Bono. The answer is…

Yes. Wuckett has a first name and a middle name, neither of which are Darren Wysocki (which if he were a real person it might have been the name he was given at birth.)


Any more questions? Leave a comment…. please.

Oh yeah,

BICHOK – Butt in Chair Hands on Keyboard

ONG – One Named Guy (most of whom had more names when they were born, but somehow lost them along the way)